LivingWELL Anywhere FAQ

  1. Where do I go to take my classes or lessons? Your assigned livingWELL advisor will give you this information during your orientation.

  2. What will it cost me to do this program? There is no out of pocket cost for the 16 week program.  Outside of the initial program Vitalae hosts several optional programs, testing, and resources that are available to members for a small fee should they decide to participate.

  3. Does the program pay for my fitness membership if I already have one? No

  4. After the 16 week program do I still get to use the fitness facility? Your access to the assigned fitness facility ends after 16 weeks.  However, you may have the opportunity to continue utilizing your assigned facility at a discounted rate.

  5. If I’m not successful during the program can I retake the program again? Yes, all participants who complete the program requirements but are unable to achieve 5% weight loss, can re-enter into the program through our personalized medicine approach.

  6. What if I don’t want to get weighed during the program?  This program requires mandatory weigh-ins to be complete: upon initial enrollment, week 8 & 16 by your fitness specialist.  Weekly weigh in is required to be reported through your system log in.

  7. What commitments do I have to make during the program? Complete a program orientation with our program advisor; biometric weigh-ins, be physically active 150 minutes weekly, log your food activity and demonstrate knowlegde of diabetes prevention.

  8. What kinds of additional resources can I expect during the program? The LivingWELL anywhere program uses best in class vendors throughout the program.  Depending on your location you can expect access to special events, cooking demos, grocery tours, special wellness screenings, testing, food service options.

  9. Can I take any class I want at the fitness facility without paying more? Each of our fitness facililtes offer different access.  Speak with your advsior about your specific needs so they can make sure you're assigned to the right facility.

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